About PDFlite

PDFlite was created in 2011 with simplicity in mind. We wanted a simple viewer, which could do that little bit more.

PDFlite is based on SumatraPDF for document viewing, and when we added a PDF printer to make the software more complete. We felt PDF converting was a key part in using PDF documents in every day life. The PDF printer also crucially introduces the possibility of PDF creating by using your everyday document software (Word, Open Office, Notepad, Acrobat, etc) and then printing to the PDFlite printer to create your document. Why use a PDF writer, instead of your usual program to create documents.

Convert from:
html (Webpage)
pub (Publisher)
…and many more

Supports File Types: PDF, XPS, DjVU, CBZ and CBR in Windows

PDFlite can read PDF document files, XPS documents, comic book CBR format, and the comic book archive format: CBZ. All of these files can be opened in the browser plugin too.

Plugin extension for web browsers

We have introduced a web browser plugin for Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari that allows you to read and view PDF files in your browser. It is simple to use, and is installed by default. Unfortunately this only works on Microsoft Windows versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

See it in action here: