PDFLite Manual

The PDFLite Manual

Convert to PDF:

You can convert any file to a PDF within 3 very basic steps:

1) Load your file
2) File -> Print
3) Select PDFlite as your printer

Where does the PDF document go?

The new PDF file will be found in the same folder as the original file. (Unless you choose otherwise in the printing process).

Storing favorites:

You can store PDF files into your favourites via the “Favorites” tab – “Add to favorites” and then name the PDF.

Keyboard shortcuts:

right mouse button scroll
j/k, Up/Down scroll up/down by line
space scroll by screen
+ space scroll back by screen
n/p next/previous page
Page Down/Page Up next/previous page
+ Left go back
+ Right go forward
+ G, g go to page
Home go to first page
End go to last page
b flip a page in book mode
+ + Right open next document in the directory
+ + Left open previous document in the directory

+, – zoom in/out
+ scroll wheel zoom in/out
z toggle zoom between Fit Page, Fit Width, Fit Content
c toggle between continous/non-continous mode
– rotate left
+ rotate right
F12 show/hide bookmarks (table of contents)
F6 switch focus between bookmarks window and main window
+ L or F11 enter presentation mode (minimal full screen mode)
+ L enter full screen mode
+ F11 enter full screen mode
ESC exit full screen or presentation mode
. in presentation mode, change background to black
w in presentation mode, change background to white
i show page information in full screen/presentation mode

+ O open a new document
+ W close current document
+ S save as
+ P print
r reload
+ F, / find text
F3, + F3 find next/previous
+ Q or q quit program
+ Left Mouse select text or image