How to convert ePUB to PDF

PDFlite can be used to convert an ePUB file to PDF document or any file to PDF file. Simply open up the ePUB file in its default program and select print using PDFlite as the printer.

Convert ePUB to PDF with the following steps:

1) Download and install PDFLite software onto your computer.

2) Open the ePUB file in its default program and press File->Print.

3) Select PDFLite from the printers list and press “Ok”.

4) Name and save your new PDF document and open the file!


Having problems?

If you have been having trouble printing ePUB files, follow this short fix:

Go to settings->Advanced Options…
Notepad (or your default text editor) will open. Look down this file until you see “EbookUI [”
A few lines under that it will say “UseFixedPageUI = false”
Change the false to true, so it reads “UseFixedPageUI = true”
Save the text, close it and restart PDFlite.
When you open an ePUB file you should now be able to print it.


System Requirements

Works on Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista